Designed for givers
by people who get them

Unlike other DAFs that were built by technology companies or administrative providers, CCF was established by a team with longtime experience in charity and philanthropy:

  • Charity Veterans

    Many of our team members have either managed or worked with organizations.

  • Finance Experts

    Our leadership includes alumni from the modern financial services sectors.

  • Charity Managers

    One of our founders has previously served as right hand to some of America’s most prolific philanthropists.

  • Online Fundraisers

    We’ve helped design popular crowdfunding platforms, and also led time-based charity campaigns.

What is a DAF?

A donor-advised fund is a regulated entity that enables donors to give charity with greater ease, control, and flexibility.

  • Instant Tax Benefits

    Funds transferred into your giving account are immediately eligible for a full tax deduction. You then enjoy the time and clarity to decide how and where to grant those funds.

  • No More Paperwork

    Forget tracking donations or receipts. Give to your heart’s content throughout the year, and generate a single, unified receipt from your CCF account during tax season.

  • More Giving Formats

    Customizable, preprinted checkbooks
    and the CCF credit card make giving effortless—
    whether you’re donating in shul,
    on the street, at an event, online, or by mail.

  • Your Privacy, Controlled

    Choose whether to give publically or anonymously per donation. Either way, CCF keeps your financial information secure with full encryption and a zero-disclosure policy.

  • Every Penny Counted

    Get a deduction for every last dollar you give. By using your account, a preprinted check, or your CCF credit card, even the smallest donations are tracked and counted.

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