One charity dashboard +
one dedicated Gabbbi =
a 1:1 giving experience.

Your giving account is the secure, digital headquarters of your charitable activities. From here you can easily manage both your funds and your team:

  • Transfer funds using
    our secure portal

  • Initiate grants to

  • Manage anonymity

  • View reports prepared
    by your RightArm

  • Leave instructions
    for your RightArm

  • Manage ‘back office’
    contact details

  • Manage blacklist and
    whitelist numbers

  • And much

How it works:
Recommending grants

  • Select your format

    Initiate a grant any way
    you like: log into your portal;
    swipe your card; hand out
    prefilled checks; call or
    text your RightArm.

  • Meet or delegate

    Choose to hand over a
    check in person, or leave
    it to your RightArm to mail or
    deliver it according to your
    exact instructions.

  • Get automatic receipt

    Regardless of how funds are
    sent from your giving account,
    every charity is verified and
    every penny is counted to
    ensure a full tax deduction.

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