The most generous
lineup of giving features.

All in all, a giving platform
beyond compare:

Foundation DAF CCF
Allocate to charity now, decide
on specific causes later
Yes Yes Yes
Get full, instant tax deductions
on every dollar allocated
N/A Yes/N/A Yes
Choose your level of anonymity
with each individual grant
N/A Yes Yes
Give at will without annual
distribution minimums
N/A Yes Yes
Automate donation tracking
and receipt collection
N/A Yes Yes
Unified year-end receipt
generation on demand
N/A Yes Yes
Itemized request and activity
reporting on a custom schedule
Yes/N/A N/A Yes
No additional fees for accounting
or legal representation
N/A Yes Yes
Custom phone call management
system With forwarding
N/A N/A Yes
Automated 501(c)(3) status
verification of all causes
N/A Yes Yes
Personal RightArm who meets and
deals with charity delegates
Yes/N/A N/A Yes
Custom fund delivery method and
schedule per grant
Yes/N/A N/A Yes
Cause and online campaign
development support
Yes/N/A N/A Yes
Maximum allowable write-offs of
up to 60% of annual income
N/A Yes Yes
Donate and deduct fair market
value of illiquid assets
Yes Yes/N/A Yes
Direct-debit cards and prefilled
checks of any denomination
N/A Yes/N/A Yes
Intuitive, secure online giver’s
portal with 1:1 tech support
N/A N/A Yes

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